Conference Tracks

Digital Pharma 4.0 & Marketing
Pharma 4.0: Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Future aspects of Pharma 4.0
Disruptive Technologies in Pharma 4.0

Clinical trials and drug information in pharma4.0
Clinical Decision Support Systems in Healthcare 4.0

Security and Privacy of Electronic Healthcare Records
Big data analytics for healthcare 4.0
Image and video processing for Healthcare 4.0
Communication protocols and algorithms for Healthcare 4.0
Interoperability issues in Healthcare 4.0
Usability, User Experience and Acceptability in Healthcare 4.0
Healthcare 4.0 supply chain management
Data Systems used in Digital Healthcare 4.0
Bioinformatics and Healthcare 4.0
Data analytics in Healthcare 4.0

Security mechanisms for Medical 4.0
Medical 4.0 as source for digital evolution

Ethics of Hospital 4.0
Digital support for personalized medicine
Bioinformatics models for Hospital 4.0

Smart Automation for Healthcare 4.0
Artificial intelligence for Healthcare 4.0
Smart, wireless, wearable sensors in Healthcare 4.0

Virtual Reality in Healthcare 4.0
Pharma 4.0: Automation, Digitalisation and Virtualization

Industrial pharmaceutics 4.0
Pharmacovigilance, Adverse Drug Reaction and Drug Safety
Structure Aided and Computer Aided Drug Design in Pharma 4.0
Pharmacy Reimbursement

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