Call for Scope & Topics

Call for Scope & Topics

The Fourth Revolution has the potential to raise the quality of life in health care and improve the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences in the digital age. Digital transformation in pharmaceuticals is leading to tectonic shifts in the way companies and stakeholders, conduct business by hosting novel business and data monetization models and investment opportunities. With the growing number of medical ailments across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry will become more important than ever in the near future. The Pharma 4.0 not only addresses productivity issues but also provide the industry with smarter tools that can help ensure drug safety. Pharma 4.0 is making pharmaceutical production safer and effectual along the whole value chain. Pharma 4.0 initiative would not only fix agility and productivity issues but also provide better instruments to enforce product safety and supply chain security. Healthcare 4.0 imagines a world where everyone is connected through wearables and every data point of patients is getting recorded no matter where they are. The future would be a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Genomics and Big Data. Healthcare 4.0 allows progressive virtualization in order to enable the personalization of health and care next to real-time for patients, professionals and formal and informal care. The personalization of healthcare will be achieved through the massive use of Cyber-Physical System, (Edge) Cloud computing, the Internet of Everything, including things, services, and people and evolving mobile communication networks (5G).Hospital4.0 is a hi-tech spreading structure, connected at a distance with patients, wherever they are, and internally regulated by the principles of the circular economy. Hospital 4.0 is a well-known industrial concept leveraging personalization and virtualization across different industrial domains.
This conference is dedicated to Digital Clinical Healthcare4.0 & Medical Pharma4.0, including current lines of work, research questions, and results with intriguing but so-far-untapped potential. We encourage the submissions of original research articles and review papers on this subject.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to, the following:

Digital Pharma 4.0 & Marketing
Pharma 4.0: Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Future aspects of Pharma 4.0
Disruptive Technologies in Pharma 4.0

Clinical trials and drug information in pharma4.0
Clinical Decision Support Systems in Healthcare 4.0

Security and Privacy of Electronic Healthcare Records
Big data analytics for healthcare 4.0
Image and video processing for Healthcare 4.0
Communication protocols and algorithms for Healthcare 4.0
Interoperability issues in Healthcare 4.0
Usability, User Experience and Acceptability in Healthcare 4.0
Healthcare 4.0 supply chain management
Data Systems used in Digital Healthcare 4.0
Bioinformatics and Healthcare 4.0
Data analytics in Healthcare 4.0

Security mechanisms for Medical 4.0
Medical 4.0 as source for digital evolution

Ethics of Hospital 4.0
Digital support for personalized medicine
Bioinformatics models for Hospital 4.0

Smart Automation for Healthcare 4.0
Artificial intelligence for Healthcare 4.0
Smart, wireless, wearable sensors in Healthcare 4.0

Virtual Reality in Healthcare 4.0
Pharma 4.0: Automation, Digitalisation and Virtualization

Industrial pharmaceutics 4.0
Pharmacovigilance, Adverse Drug Reaction and Drug Safety
Structure Aided and Computer Aided Drug Design in Pharma 4.0
Pharmacy Reimbursement

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